Marijuana, also known as cannabis can be described as a psychoactive drug that originates from the cannabis plant. It is mainly intended for recreational or medical use. It can be used in many ways such as smoking, vaporizing, as an extract or in food. It has many other slangs such as weed, herb, Mary jane among others. It is basically a green-grey mixture of dried, shredded leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Most users do smoke it in hand rolled cigarettes. Other people use water pipes and vaporize the drug to bring about the effect.

The plant, cannabis is usually used for its physical and mental effects. There is a feeling associated with the drug that people often refer to as high or stoned. This feeling brought about by the drug causes a general change in perception, heightened moods, and even in some instances, may bring about increased appetite. Most people experience the effects depending on how they have consumed the drug. On smoking, the effects are usually felt almost immediately whereas when a person decides to use it through eating, the effects are usually experienced in between half an hour and an hour after.

People that use this drug normally use it for various reasons. Some of the reasons why they use the drug may be associated to recreation, medical use or for religious reasons. Studies that have been found estimate that marijuana users range from the age of fifteen years going up to those aged sixty-five years. It is the most common drug in the world, know more about marijuana!

The drug has been subject to restrictions all over the world since time in memorial. There is however medical cannabis that is usually recommended by physicians to their patients depending on what illness they are suffering from.  This is because of the way it has been essential to those people who are dealing with high levels of stress and depression. Marijuana has been of great help to them hence the need to legalize the drug. If you want to learn more about marijuana, you can visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bhye-sbUBA.

There is however the need to know that lately, most States are now legalizing the drug for recreational and medical use. This is a very good move by the governments as the health benefits associated with medical marijuana are very well known. People that support these pushes by corporations to have the drug legalized should support them fully. This is because with the drug being legalized, it can be of help to people in helping them relax their mind, check here!


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